Christina Boudreau

I am passionate about all Animals and love to be able to catch their beauty, their personalities, and their passions on camera. I find photography to be a form of art that helps relax me and helps me to unwind; especially when doing nature photography. I find it helps me to live in the moment and to enjoy the natural beauty of everyday life outdoors.  I love to explore new places.

To this day I will occasionally go thru childhood photos with my grandparents to relive the moments of my childhood, to see the faces of since passed loved ones and pets, to be able to remember the happy moments and be able to re- live all of those special moments that our grandparents were able to capture with their old Polaroid cameras where with one click our families were able to freeze moments and print them instantly.

I love being able to capture special moments and having memories to be able to look back on for generations to come
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